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A general law is a law which in its terms and effect applies either to the whole state, or to one or more municipalities of the state less than the whole in a class. A general law applicable to such a class of municipalities shall define the class on the basis of criteria reasonably related to the purpose of the law, provided that the legislature may also enact and change from time to time a general schedule of not more than eight classes of municipalities based on population according to any designated federal decennial census, and general laws for any purpose may thereafter be enacted for any such class. Any law heretofore enacted which complies with the provisions of this section shall be considered a general law.

No general law which at the time of its enactment applies to only one municipality of the state shall be enacted, unless notice of the intention to apply therefor shall have been given and shown as provided in Section 106 of this Constitution for special, private or local laws; provided, that such notice shall not be deemed to constitute such law a local law.

A special or private law is one which applies to an individual, association or corporation. A local law is a law which is not a general law or a special or private law.

General law is something every compensation lawyer should know. It is one of two universal legal categories or types of law common to any number of territories, countries, and nation states. Also known as public law or local law, laws of this type are characterized as applying to all residents and citizens of a particular area or district. Such laws are further characterized by unrestricted time, meaning general laws do not expire, nor do such laws apply only at certain times, in certain situations, or only to certain citizens or groups of citizens. Laws intended as general or public law are always in force, applicable to all citizens, and only change when legislative bodies modify the law.

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